About Us

The reputation of PT. KMC Indonesia as a qualified supplier of tuna since 2009 both locally and internationally is no doubt.
To keep up with rapid business developments, in 2012, PT. KMC Indonesia established PT. Karya Mandiri Citramina. precisely on May 2, 2012, in front of Tan Susi, SH. Notary in Jakarta with deed number 19, dated May 2 2012 and has been approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights with SK number: AHU-25435.AH.01.01.TAHUN 2012, dated 10 May 2012.
PT. Karya Mandiri Citramina is committed to continuing to deliver quality products to its customers and timely delivery.


To become a leading and trusted tuna processing company (Frozen Precooked Loin) by the fish canning industry in Asia and Europe.


With reliable human resources and continuous innovation to produce quality tuna (Frozen Precooked Loin) processing products, packaged according to customer wishes and on time for delivery.


Komitmen (Commitment)
  • Komitmen terhadap pelanggan (Commitment to customers)
  • Komitmen Inovasi (Innovation Commitment)

Malu (Shame)
  • Malu datang terlambat (Shame to come late)
  • Malu tidak ikut pengarahan (Shame not follow instruction)
  • Malu sering minta izin (Shame often ask permission)
  • Malu bekerja tidak berprestasi (Shame on work not achieving)
  • Malu tidak bertatakrama dan bersopan santun (Shame on not being polite)
  • Malu tidak berpakaian rapi dan sopan (Shame on not dressing neatly and politely)
  • Malu bekerja tanpa bertanggung jawab (Shame to work without responsibility)
  • Malu terima gaji tanpa bekerja dengan baik (Shame on receiving a salary without working properly)
  • Malu bekerja tidak mencapai target (Shame work did not reach the target)
  • Malu tidak berperan aktif dalam mewujudkan kebersihan dan keindahan lingkungan kerja (Shame does not play an active role in realizing the cleanliness and beauty of the work environment)

Citra (Image)
  • Bekerja adalah Ibadah (Work is Worship)
  • Terbuka, menerima masukan dan meningkatkan kompetensi dan keterampilan secara berkelanjutan (Open, accepting input and improving competencies and skills in a sustainable manner)
  • Disiplin dan integritas yang tinggi (Discipline and high integrity)
  • Kekeluargaan, menjalin sinergi dan Bersatu dalam bekerja (Families, establish synergy and unite in work)
"Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority"

The position of the port is directly behind the factory

Has an independent lab

Employee sanitation that ensures the cleanliness of production